Vet-formulated 5-1 multi-vitamin chew to improve your pet's overall health.

  • Skin & Coat - Fish oil and Vitamin E to help reduce itching and dry skin and improve coat
  • Digestive Health - Proprietary probiotic blend for healthy digestion
  • Hip and Joint - Glucosamine HCI, Chondroitin, MSM, and Turmeric to improve mobility
  • Heart Health - Omega-3 as well as natural antioxidants
  • Immune System - Loaded with vitamins A, B, C and E

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Vet Approved

Superior Ingredients

Gluten Free

Formulated For All Dogs

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How It Works

Digestive Health

Proprietary Probiotic 

Specially formulated to prevent diarrhea, loss of appetite, constipation, gas, and bloating.


Vitamins A, B, C, and E

Important vitamins that help with immunity, reduce inflammation / aging and maintain healthy vision.

Skin and Coat

Fish Oil + Omega-3

Help reduce itching, allergies and dry skin. as well as promoting a silky, smooth coat. 



Reduces inflammation and pain as well as other health benefits.


Glucosamine + MSM + Chondroitin

Helps keep joints healthy and aids in the reconstruction of damaged tissue.

Veterinarian Formulated

Formulated by Dr. Joseph, a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in improving his patients overall health. This daily multi-vitamin is focused on skin and coat, joints, heart, digestive function, and enhanced immunity.

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Dr. Joseph's VetPro Complete 5-1 Advanced Multivitamin has everything to keep your dog active and healthy. Science backed and vet-formulated our propriety formula is focused on improving your pet's overall health.

Vet-formulated 5-1 multi-vitamin chew to improve your pet's overall health.

$29.95 FREE Only pay shipping

Shipping cost based upon location.

Real Results...

As a Dog Mom, I want to do all I can to make sure my 13 year old Puggle Mollie lives a longer and healthier life. This product has every benefit to ensure this along with being formulated by a Veterinarian which is extremely important.Mollie is very picky & she loves the taste of these so much that I have to hide the container after I give them to her. These multivitamin chews are small in size yet packed with the best ingredients to add to her daily life. I’ve noticed a decrease in her skin allergies and a significant increase in her movement from giving her these multivitamins. Any Dog parent looking for a multivitamin should definitely choose this product.


He doesn’t look 16 years old, but that’s Dexter’s age. Six weeks ago he struggled to get up from lying down to standing. That’s where VetPro comes in. I’ve definitely seen a difference in Dexter’s mobility since I started giving him this supplement. Like most elderly dogs with arthritis, he needs a supplement that contains glucosamine and chondroitin, and this product contains both, in addition to vitamins. Dexter readily eats this vitamin supplement, so it must be tasty...he eats it as he would a treat. This product was created by a veterinarian, so I feel that’s a plus. To recap, Dexter has improved mobility, likes the flavor, and has had no stomach distress with this product. Five stars.


I am so thrilled that we have found a multivitamin supplement that my pup Susie gobbles up like a treat! It’s difficult to find a reputable brand that’s veterinarian formulated and science backed that also tastes good. I’m a nurse, and my dog’s health is my number 1 priority. I love that the ingredients are well rounded to assist with her early onset arthritis with joint support, vitamins to assist with her immunity, fish oil and vitamin E to keep her luscious coat soft and shiny, and probiotics to assist with her GI system. My poor girl has been taking carprofen for her joint inflammation, and since she started taking these supplements, her stool is back to normal. And the added glucosamine and chondroitin is PERFECT for her joints! I highly recommend this amazing supplement!


Excellent soft chewy bone shaped vitamins for your dog. The ingredients are clean and the product is made in the USA. For a small dog i will probably give one every other day meaning this jar will last 8 months! Cant beat it!

Rio C.

This product is awesome. My 8 year old dog really likes the chews and is wagging his tail like crazy when he sees the container. I’ve used other VetPro products and have always had the highest quality in product, packaging, and delivery service. I would recommend anyone to use these who are trying to improve their dogs overall health.


We love this product. Our dogs are about 12 years and was really struggling to get around. We tried these and within a few days they were back to their old self's. Running around a jumping everywhere. Thank you so much!


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Vet-formulated 5-1 multi-vitamin chew to improve your pet's overall health.

$29.95 FREE Only pay shipping

Shipping cost based upon location.