Have You Noticed Your Dog Moving a Little Slower?

  • 1000mg of Glucosamine to keep joints flexible and lubricated
  • Turmeric to give relief from inflammation and pain
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids to help maintain a healthy heart
  • Chondroitin, MSM and Vitamin C for overall pet health
  • Veterinarian Formulated

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    "My 9 year old lab is like a new dog. She went from completely sore and lame to a puppy. Improvement within the first month!"
    - Amy R.


    Vet Approved

    Superior Ingredients

    Gluten Free

    Formulated For All Dogs

    Made in the USA

    Certified GMP

    Real Results...

    "Our vet recommended glucosamine and chondroitin for my aging dog's joints. Not only do they have glucosamine, but also contains turmeric - which I have learned helps the joints by reducing the inflammation. These chews are now part of our daily routine!"


    "My 9 yr old Doberman was really having a hard time getting up or even just moving at times. So I started looking and found VetPro Complete. So I took a chance and I got this stuff and I could see the improvement in just one month so I ordered more. Now he' s playing like a young puppy again..."

    Marty Z.

    "A friend recommended this and I am now on my second bottle for my American Bulldog and he loves them. He seems to not be having any trouble and gets up just fine and is going up and down the stairs. I feel it is a good pain reliever and anti inflammatory chew."

    Daniel V.

    "Our Cairn Terrier was slowing down (he is 14 yrs old) and getting grumpy due to stiffness in his legs (probably due to arthritis). He is feeling more energy and less stiff as a direct result of this formulation .He loves the taste by the way. So glad we took the recommendation of a fellow dog lover who made the suggestion..."

    K. Rogers

    "I noticed my dog was very stuff in the morning. I bought these for her and not only are they a delicious treat (she LOVES) them but I noticed a huge difference in her no longer being stiff in the morning, she's more active, and back to her old puppy ways."


    "Our 10 year old French Bulldog is a new dog! He is a large Frenchie - 38 pounds. Since starting him on this supplement, he is back to his younger days, running around, walking without limping, and getting up with ease! It has made a huge difference and so nice to see him doing so well! *Bonus - he loves these and is such a picky eater!"


    Is My Dog Suffering From Hip and Joint Pain?

    Most dogs as they age suffer from some kind of hip and joint pain. It is always recommended to start dogs on a glucosamine supplement as early as 2 years old. Dogs do a great job hiding their pain because they do not want to show weakness - they always try to satisfy their owner, that is why they are our best friend! 

    Veterinarian Formulated

    Dr. Joseph, a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience, has created this formula to help relieve his patients from painful arthritis, stiff joints, joint damage, and hip dysplasia. This unique formula also provides the key nutrients needed for heart, skin, coat, digestive, and liver health.

    Start improving your dog's mobility today.

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    See What's Inside


    Helps keep joints healthy and aids in the reconstruction of damaged tissue.


    Reduces inflammation and pain as well as provides other health benefits.

    Vitamins A & C

    Important vitamins that help reduce inflammation, aging and maintain healthy vision.


    Facilities the healing process to keep your pet healthy and pain-free.


    A fatty acid that provides joint pain relief as well as improves your pet's skin and coat.

    5X More Glucosamine!

    Our Hip and Joint chews have 500MG per chew, which is 5X more than some leading brands.

    One of the most common injuries for dogs and cats involves their joints and the tissue surrounding it. To reduce costly vet visits, arthritis medications, or surgeries VetPro uses 1000mg of Glucosamine HCI and 200mg of Chondroitin in each dosage to keep joints flexible, lubricated, and to assist with the rebuilding of damaged tissue.

    Start improving your dog's mobility today.

    $39.95  $34.95

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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee